Project Retro consists of my submission portfolio and thesis for my higher education degrees; essentially two parts to one story. The first project, B.B. #107,  is the origin of a first generation android with an advanced A.I. and his life with his loving owner. The main project, Retro in San Francisco, follows the same android 15 years later as he tries to build a new family in a city once called home, but not totally unfamiliar as it has turned into a megatropolis, and subsequently, an android hell.

A tender moment shared between the droids of  Retro in San Francisco . Here is  B.B.Bot #107,  or the star " Retro " with his friend  Onei.

A tender moment shared between the droids of Retro in San Francisco. Here is B.B.Bot #107, or the star "Retro" with his friend Onei.

These stories are deeply connected to my personal views and representations of family, youth, love and sacrifice. The inspirations of the project stem from personal experiences, but in a way these projects are my answers to the most challenging life questions: What really is most important in life? What does it mean to truly love someone? How do you explain losing those most important to you?

The ultimate desire I have of Project Retro is for it to be produced in children's book format for B.B.Bot #107 and as a graphic novel for Retro in San Francisco. Both parts of Project Retro are in the development and concept stages, but I have great hopes of taking the Project into more developed stages after the completion of my studies at CCSF. It is my further hopes that B.B.Bot #107 may be accepted as a part of my submission portfolio during my transfer process. My top choices of transfer are California College of the Arts and San Francisco State University.

Retro in San Francisco

B.B.Bot #107

Mother says the best friendships are made as a child, but I would give up all the friends in the world to spend more time with my Dad, after all I would never have made my best friend in the whole world if he hadn’t brought him home to me. I know I would be lost without the both of them.

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What’s become of such a beautiful place? Its like there’s a grime that can’t be scrubbed away, and yet the streets are bright and clean; such a filthy past hidden under these high gleaming streets, so high above the real Earth that everyone’s forgotten what its like down there.