End of the Semester!

Goodness please excuse my extended absence! It has been a wild end of a semester, but I am happy to finally see it winding down to an end. My last final is today, and I would be home updating the blog and art information if I wasn't working immediately after my final. You can expect more updates in the next few days however, and contrary to my social media postings, I really have been doing art during the last semester.

I didn't draw this however...nyeee hyee hyeeee

I didn't draw this however...nyeee hyee hyeeee

My focus over the winter break will be bringing the blog up to speed, practicing page layouts, and story boarding Project Retro. With my transfer process coming to an end by next year, it is my hope to have B.B.Bot#107 completed and Retro in San Francisco ready to begin the production. I'm a little disappointed that my placement test put me into the math class I was hoping to test out of, but I figure its probably better in the long run to just take it anyway. So I should be looking to finish with my CCSF transfer requirements taken care of by Summer 2016 (intensive summer math class here I come!!)

Art to come:

  • Secret Santa Gift 2015
  • Personal sketches
  • Semester works
  • Digital/Traditional sketchdumps