Computer Issues Update

UPDATE: 10/17/16

Sadly the computer news is not good, my motherboard has died and I cannot find a replacement as my computer and its parts are now obsolete. However there is good news on the horizon as I have access to a temporary computer that I can hopefully use for art if not keeping the website updated.

In other news, I was recently approved for an online store through DesignByHumans and I have been working to organize what pieces I'd like to sell online. I will probably end up scrapping my RedBubble store since this change, but all these updates are due in time.

Also, I have an announcement for a major positive change in my life that I also hope to announce at the appropriate time, so please stay updated on the website the next few months as everything comes together!

My computer has finally turned back on after mysteriously remaining powered down for the last week or so, but a few other technical issues have popped up now that I've been able to get an assessment of my computer's functions. For some reason some of my back USB ports have stopped working, so I might need to look into getting them replaced unless its a temporary fault.

I've had to re-install my tablet drivers again because it isn't responding to my pen, so hopefully I can get everything fixed after I restart my computer. I don't know if my computer will have the same power on problems when I restart it, so this is a quick update now in case something happens again.