First Items of DBH Store: 1st Gen. PKMN Starter Stickers!!

That's right everyone! My first set of stickers are now available of my DesignByHumans Store

More great products to come once I regain access to my HD files.

More great products to come once I regain access to my HD files.

UPDATE 10/28/16
I discovered my stickers kept getting removed because there is currently a dispute going on with Pokemon company and DBH, so I'll try to focus on making some original art to put up insead, I was so excited to share these with you all but now I'm excited to work on something new. I'll probably be working on some black and white projects in the mean time until my computer is fixed, but this is going ot be a great expirament that I hope you enjoy!

Please check out my stickers, I just ordered one of each for myself to check their quality and I'll be posting pics of them once I get them in the mail. All the money that is made from this online store will be helping fund my goals of moving to Seattle sometime next year! I would greatly appreciate people to share these stickers, I was able to get them from DBH for about $1.50 each so I hope you have access to a similar price.

I made these paintings a few years ago right before I went to my first Fanime Convention along with some other PKMN fusion ideas like Kingler + Ditto and Octillery + Bellossum. You can see those paintings in my Personal Works gallery, but please let me know if you'd like to see them as stickers as well!